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I have recently been struggling with this issue so I am going to share my knowledge so far.

I bought my GoPro Hero 9 here in Argentina a couple of months ago, in December. The firmware version is now at v1.60 and it has some cool features that v1.22 doesn't have:
  • better hypersoft
  • Superview option (this one is really worth it)
  • better touch sensitivity

Everything was fine until I tried to do what I bought it for, streaming. I downloaded the software, connected it to my computer and after 10 minutes of doing some testing, half of the screen froze and the other continued to record/display the image on the screen. I just couldn't believe it, so I started looking for answers online in the official Gopro community and on goproforums, c0m, reddit, etc.

I've found some really helpful threads, but it's a very small percentage of users who say or experience something like this with their gopros, and i think is because not everyone try.

These forums says you need to switch to version 1.22 and in that version the webcam mode works fine but in that version you lose the Superview feature for your stream/webcam. And... the rear screen goes black right after downgrading (I had disabled the front screen, so I couldn't see that the camera was on, spoiler).

After some testing I realized that the camera was on and when I pressed the record button it would record so I updated to v1.60, set the connection mode to GoPro Connect, went back to v1.22 and VOILA, now the image doesn't freeze. I don't see anything, but when I turn it on and connect the camera to my computer, I can use webcam mode without the "half screen freezing" issue. It's a shame because as I said in v1.22 you lose the SuperView feature which was great (apart from magnifying the lens it adds some low light compensation which makes it really useful for low light streaming).

So for now I have to update my camera to v1.60 when I want to use my camera to record and view the screen (ha ha) and i have to switch to v1.22 when I want to stream.

This is not a hardware problem, it is clearly a firmware bug.

I really need GoPro to release a new version of their firmware for HERO9 that resolves this issue.

I'm gonna do some posting like this in other forums to see how many of us are struggling with this issue, so we can do something about it.

Hope you find this usefull, and let me know if you need some help, information, some links or anything that may solve your issue.

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