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My gopro hero 7 Black seems to duplicate all files that are recorded and so fills up the storage much faster.
Both "original" and "duplicate" files are .MP4 files. And they are exact copies of eachother size and information wize. They are named "video 1" and "video 1".
Why does it do this?

Other wierd thing that happened but not really my question
After importing half of the storage to my external harddrive i deleted the "duplicates" and kept the original files and they were working and playing on the computer.
I then decided to delete the "duplicates" directly on the gopro through my computer before importing them to the harddrive, to save import time.
But when i deleted ONLY the "duplicated" files on the gopro through my computer it caused the original files to also be deleted....It was wierd becuase the icons and sizes of the original files were still there but they were empty files that could not be opened. I disconnected and reconnected the gopro and all files were gone.
So, deleting duplicates on computer worked, but did not work on gopro and instead deleted all files.

That day i had recorded 96 videos, both 1080 and 4k. None of the videos were longer than 4 minutes each.

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Understanding they are not LRV and THM files? I

1 computer only Full format then a quick format.

2 the camera factory reset it,

3 card to camera format in there, and when you done all that simply shoot video and see if it repeats the issue you had?

You nevermention th sd card, you nevermention the firneware you are on?
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