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Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi all,

Recently purchased a Hero 11 specifically for shooting water sports. I've encountered fogging and condensation and removed the protective lens cover to allow the the lens to dry and the temperatures to match. This worked great. This isn't the issue.

The last time I shot water got behind the protective lens cover and pooled around the main lens. This caused lots of fogging and hazing in the videos until the video became un-useable.

‐ First and foremost will this cause any damage to the camera?

- Second how do I prevent this in the future. The camera only went under water a few times and no more then half a meter. This was when I fell off the board.

- Third how should I clean the lenses? The protective cover lens inside and out and the main lens that shouldn't ever get water on it?

- Last how can check to make sure no additional damage occurred from the water ingress?

Thank you for any help and advice.

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With and water, its not covered (see below in bold), you will lose most likely lose trying to get an warranty exchange with water, how people are, water damage, yes will lvoid the warranty, day one , gopro under a good faith act was replacing , free of charge, too many people were reporting in, they wised up and started to offer 40-25% off only, then soon after co-pay.

Suggestions are never taken the lens protector off, prove to gopro that its their fault, good luck (no pun intended), Might as well clean the bad boy up, return for a full refund if the return policy is there, if passed, then exchange,

what can happen water travels no paths, water will enter the sensor, leave a residu on the sensor, brackish water, and salt is worse, can kill the camera. how to prevent, should be in the manuals what to do, best of luck.

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