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Hi, i want to buy the Dual Battery Charger kit (includes 1 battery) plus i want to buy another battery so i have 3 in total, as these items have had a big price drop on their website.

The issue is, these items will cost me $76au but they want $30au for express post, as i am $15 short from getting the free postage, which starts on items over $89.95

I decided to add the Compact Case costing $32au so i get free post, and i do need a decent carry bag, but in the item description it does not say how big the Case is ???

so can someone please tell me the actual size, as i will need to fit the following items inside it for traveling.

1x GoPro Hero 7 and 1 battery
1x Dual Battery charger plus 2 extra batteries
2x 256gb Samsung Evo sdxc cards
1x Swivel Mount housing
1x extendable selfie stick devices with the mini tripod inside the handle


EDIT: Sorry i found the dimensions on (16.5cm x 8.9cm x 22.1cm) so it should be big enough.
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