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Gopro 8 black as a webcam

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Has anyone tried using the hero8 black as a webcam on WINDOWS using the provided beta software for windows by gopro? Was wondering what your experience has been like so far. What kind of issues have you experienced and were you able to resolve them.

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Have you tried? I heard you need to attach your own mic.
So I was having an issue with video earlier. I had just performed a firmware update about a couple hours earlier before this post and was having said issue with video. A few minutes after I posted this question, a new update popped up on GoPro app and it was a usb 3.1 update. So I figure sure let’s do that. After that update video issue resolved itself. I just tried using it in a google meet with students and it worked fine. However I did not check if it was using my laptop mic for audio or if it switched to GoPro mic As I was just thrilled enough to get video working afterStruggling most of morning. I’ll have to check and see if it uses GoPro mic later today or tomorrow. Thanks for heads up about that issue.
Well Firmware ver 2.0 was made , a fewweeks back.
Yup and a few weeks back I didn’t have GoPro. Got it a couple days ago but didn’t have a chance to actually unbox and open it till this morning. I’ll find out tomorrow about the microphone issue you mentioned. Thanks.
very true, enjoy the cmera, it was all about action today totally different.
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