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Hi guys!

Just thought id reach out for a problem that has been bugging me for quite some time. In short I had happily been using my gopro hero 9 usually filming with 2.7 as my computer struggles with 4k. Several months ago I noticed the quality of my footage had significantly reduced where the exposure and contrasts were enhanced and the colours were washed out.Ive toggled between go pro colour and flat and fiddled with all the settings and still had this problem. I sent out for a replacement thinking this would be the end of the issue. I was very surpised to have the same problem yet again with my new gopro. I have attached picture comparison for reference. The left image is 4k and the right 2.7k. Ive fiddled with all the various settings for filming and only 4k footage looks how it should and when i film in time warp and go to real time it looks normal. The only conclusion I can draw is that the 1.6 update has just massively degraded everything below 4k or both my sd cards are somehow degrading the footage since this version or they are not working correctly.

I would really appreciate if anyone had any ideas or if they have heard of this problem before, Thankyou!


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