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I have a Go Pro HD Hero. I have the G.O.M. player video playback program installed in my computer, which is supposed to play back MP4 format videos.

So when I insert the SD card from the camera into the computer's card slot, it plays back the video no problem but no sound no matter what I do. I already tried all the obvious things, (i.e. volumes turned up, etc) . The PC sound card is OK because it plays back you tube videos with full sound. And the recordings on the SD card do have sound because there it is the sound when played back with just an audio player.

So I am at a a loss why the cameras' recordings on the SD card don't have any sound with GOM player.

Anybody have a clue?

I am using Windows Vista right now. (I know, I know,.... I am installing Linux Umbutu soon.)

Alternatively, what would be the best video playback software for the Hero?



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