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Fusion Black Post here all your missing features and functions

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These are my thoughts out loud:

If I were in the market for a gopro, and I am undecided, I start asking questions here and research what is best, FOR ME? Each camera does a spacific thing?

Do I need Zoom? Do I need EIS? DO I need a screen? DO I need 360? Etc.. etc..

Once I narrow down my choices, I am now ready to make a choice, price comes first, and features and functions and so on.. One of the best places is to read support, and the manual and it will offer a lot of information you're looking for..

So why should I get a Fusion over any of the gopro's out there? The Fusion does it all!

You want a single lens camera, the Dusion does it.
You want a Duel lens camera, the Fusion is one of the duel lens camera's out there today.
You want EIS, the Fusion has it over some to most 360's out there.
You want HDR/WDR, the fusion offers it.. the list can go on and on

It is going to be the only GoPro camera you will want. the only draw back is there is no screen to view ( just wireless smartphone capture and other aftermarket product accessories soon to come).

So that would be one giant step why a Fusion will be the only camera to own, it does nearly everything all other gopro's already does, in one package. And more? SO why is this thread and the other thread called

Hero 6 Black, Fusion Post here all your missing features and functions. its a place to post your pro's and cons all in one,

So if you have any pro's con;s tips, tricks, hints post em right here.

One Major draw back on the Fusion will be GoPro app is not ready for the Fusion for Overcapture.

One major draw back is there are video'sshowing the camera crisp to blurred shots,

One major draw back is Fusion studio crashes

One major draw back is the stitching does not match.

I will say this; It is like a Pet rock each one differs and there will always be an issue on anythihg you own, is it a concern, problem something to tell people Beware of, it is more or less a user simply not taking the time to work out an issue that can be simply fixed by their common mistakes, so lets do take the time to read a manual, ask questions and enjoy our new product on the market,I amsure I got some issues myself, if I owned one Lol, so ther it is in a Nutshell Post down below..

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