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Hi All,

Here's the harsh cuts of some of the flights I did around the beautiful Cornish garden recently. Warning there is some close proximity flying to myself and spotter (not trying to feed the trolls here) that I suggest no one else do as it was very risky but we both accepted full responsibility for anything going wrong. These flights were done on private property with the permission of the land owners, no one had access during my flights.

ZMR 1804 2400Kv motors
12Amp Afro ESC's
Acro Naze32
FrSKY Taranis with X8R
Fartshark Attitude SD's with vTx & vRx
Skew Planar antenna (Gav's)
RealFPV Spanky FPV frame
Nano-Tech 1400mAh 3s Lipo
RCTimer carbon 5x3 props

Best viewed full screen 1080p
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