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Hi All,
RealFPV have come up with another amazing frame, the Spanky 6. This frame allows the use of 6" props and also a GoPro to record your flights in high definition, it now comes with tilted motor mounts as standard

I am using a full Naze32 matched with KISS ESC's and Airbot Micro Titan 2204 2300Kv motors using HQ6x3 props on 1300mAh/1400mAh Nanotech 3s.

The video's were taken over two days when we had a break in the terrible weather but still had some strong winds to contend with.
I am using stock PID's on the Naze32 which is why you can hear some oscillations from the motors. The power is amazing on this quad, 40% throttle is hover, half throttle is a fast cruising speed and anything above 75% throttle is crazy power. The fast climb at 1:15 is at ~75% throttle.

When the weather improves I will be doing some PID tuning and getting this setup for 4s on 5x3 props.

Thank you to my spotter Doug for braving the cold weather with me on the days.

Top speed reached - ~45mph on non-tilted motors (FrSKY GPS V2 unit)

The build log for this frame can be found here:

Devon, England UK

Light to strong winds

Best viewed full screen 1080p 60fps
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