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I have a GP Hero 7, with a Sandisk SDXC 256GB card and have been happily uploading footage from my card (via the laptop) to the GoPro site for a number of years (I have a monthly subscription).

Recently, the files (which average around 3.9GB) have been taking hours each to upload and a high percentage of them fail and need to be retried (the smaller ones, less than say, 1.2GB, seem to upload more consistently).

I have a fast fibre connection and the same sized files would previously upload in ten to fifteen minutes each. Nothing has recently changed at my end.

I have raised a support ticket with GoPro to which they have yet to respond - ticket raised two weeks ago!

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Have you had a similar issue in the past and resolved it???

Getting very frustrated. Any suggestions welcomed.


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never used their service, they bcame more popular more people, and a filled server that can be one Slow reason why it lacks speed
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