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Flyboy-III DSLR Steadycam – dynamic and modular handheld camera stabilizer.

Its lightweight feature lets you go where the scene takes you--up or down steps, indoors and out, through crowds--almost without limit. Flycam flyboy-III offers you unparalleled advanced features with knee-high price for the video professionals.

It is an “all-important production buddy” crafted to enhance your proficiency.

• Micro adjustment technology.
• Unique dual extended weight.
• Dual wall support.
• No-tools adjustment.
• True steel gimbal for flawless pivot support to swivel smoothly.
• Effortless, instantly swap on and off camera because of quick release mount.

Flycam Flyboy II & III Assembly | Adjustment | Operation

Flycam Flyboy-III is now available in white/black just @ $40

Try out our exciting combo, Flyboy-III with Go-Pro/ i-phone adapter!!!

For more information about Flycam products, check out website at

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thank you for sharing, I found they are quite good just take a delicate touch and may knock offs out there. Remember wind is not your friend with them?
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