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Hey all!
Recently just got myself a GoPro Hero4 Black and I'm looking for a gimbal to stabilize my footage!

I see a lot of people have and use the Feiyu Tech G4 but I have also recently just discovered the LanPArte HHG-01!

Looks like more can be done with the LanParte but was looking to see if anyone could give me a first hand opinion of what they like/dislike about the products and what they would recommend for me to use with the Hero 4 Black.

Or maybe theres a completely different gimbal you would recommend?

I also live in the UK and not 100% where the best place would be to purchase one of these gimbals.
Thanks for the help in advance!

Sorry, I meant the LanParte LA3D!

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EVO is another one. one thing I keep in mind is a warranty 100.00 shipping fee, think about that if anything goes wrong?

I don't own a Lanparte, I will not comment on it, I own a Feiyu-tech FY-G4 i won't get a G4S. I like the way my feiyu works.....

Simple as that, research decide if it is for you,and what I am concidering is what if in the next few months Gopro tosses out a Hero 5, and that leads to a new gimbal as now weight has to be added etc.....

Research sleep on your decision and ask questions..

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