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I faced technical issues with my gopro max camera and gopro forced to replace 3 times and all the 3 times they forwarded only the refurbished camera with same technical error.. which will not records video more than 3 seconds!!!!!!!!!!They don’t have any support or servicing points in anywhere in Inda. Actually they are creating their customers.. , This is my last gopro's : Case ID : 12503909 ( rest case ID's listed here for your reference

Case 11874401,Case 12183714, Case 11874401, Case 12316644... now they are refusing to replace it by saying .warranty period was already .exceeded!!! . So from my experience try something else proper service and support in India...Last email that I received from them pasted below for your reference

Hi Kiran,

Your case has been reviewed and consulted with our team. The camera was purchased on March 30, 2021. Unfortunately, a replacement for your camera is not possible as the warranty for it has already been exceeded. I do want to set your expectation that the warranty for our products is good for one year only which you can check from this link

Please do not reply as we cannot see email responses.

If you have any questions about your case, please use this link to contact a member of our team:

Many thanks,
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your first date purchase not offered, gopro letter was said you made it at march 30th 2021. 1-2 year warranty, up to, gopro at any time. you got two months left what did your receipt say when purchased
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