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External hard drives

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I'm very new to GoPro and I've only filmed a few hikes so far. I'm thinking about getting an external hard drive to edit on though because my laptop is not enjoying editing videos and it's so slow. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about external hard drives? Is there anything I should be looking out for or avoiding?
If it matters, my laptop is a MacBook Air about 6 or 7 years old and my GoPro is a Hero 11. I will probably be updating the laptop in the next year or so but I can't really afford to replace it now so I'm hoping to use the hard drive to bridge the gap. I intend to put my videos on Youtube, so I don't think I really want to be storing copies of videos I've made but I do want to be able to edit without all of the delays.
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Can you advise which ports your laptop has? I'm guessing its standard USB3?

Generally I would recommend an external SSD - much faster the a HDD and it will future proof you.
Personally I use Thunderbolt 3 SSD Raid Arrays, which are super fast, but also super expensive! For your usage I would suggest a USB-C based drive.

Something like this would be ideal, since it comes with an adapter to use with your current MacBook, and when you upgrade to a newer model with USB-C, you can stop using the adapter and plug the drive directly in and achieve a faster speed - perfect for basic editing.....

Sabrent drives are also very good, although not sure if they comes with the adapter so you may need to purchase that separately....

Samsung T7 is also good, and cheaper :

Don't be tempted to go for anything else - plenty of clones and poor performers on the market. I've just seen a 10TB drive that looks like the above Samsung, whereas 10TB SSDs aren't even readily available yet!!! lol
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