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I am planning a hiking trip across the Grand Canyon and am contemplating purchasing a GoPro Hero3 to record the hike.
I a, looking for 5 to 7 hr. recording time. I was contemplating using a solar panel as a power source to run the camera for the duration of the first days hike and again for the next two days. I am assuming that I need to use the skeleton case to allow wiring to the unit.
My questions range from basic to technical.
Has anyone done anything like this before?
Can the Hero3 be charged / powered during recording with a solar charger?
Can a larger external battery be conected to provide power for an extended time?
Is there a good solar charger that could work as a power source for extended use during the day?
I assume I cannot use the standard case if I want to connect to the Hero3 during use.
What is the power requirement for recording video? This will determine the size of a solar power source for the unit.
Would I be better off with a Hero2? I can get one of these.
Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
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