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El Hierro - Diving and nature spotting

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In the Atlantic waters around the southern tip of El Hierro we dive in the protected marine area "Mar Las Calmas". Here we meet many of the typical sea creatures in an underwater world shaped by lava. We find an absolute highlight at the dive site El Bajon. A group of large perch and moray eels have settled around this open-water volcano. At the beginning, a devil ray stops by for a moment. In the harbor of La Restinga we do another night dive - here we meet all sorts of bizarre creatures in the shallow harbor basin.

El Hierro is the westernmost and perhaps the loneliest of all European islands. It is spared from mass tourism and therefore offers wonderful insights into untouched nature. There is a varied mix of landscapes and climate zones in a small area. In the first part of my exploration, I drive to the high plateau and look for the former geographical zero point of the earth on the western side. I then head along the coast to the southern part of the island and end the tour in the fishing village of La Restinga.

In the second part of my island exploration we start at the enchanted trees around el Sabinar on the edge of the high plateau. We drive down this and along the rocky coast. There we come across a lava field. Our journey goes along the valley to the largest city on the island. We drive along the coast to an abandoned fishing village and the gigantic view of the Mirador de Isora. Once again we go up to the green hills of the high plateau with a conclusion at the lookout point de La Pena.

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Nice videos thanx for taking us to this not so well known island.

Ciao Rob
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