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don't buy gopro

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gopro hero 9 with 3 uses and with a defect not covered by the warranty because 2 years and a few months have passed, with 3 uses only on vacation, without ever having fallen, with rust in places that can only be a manufacturing defect, thanks gopro , money in the trash
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To be fair, after 2 years, its all dependent on how the camera has been used - whether its been rinsed under tap water after exposure to salt water, and so on. This certainly seems like an isolated incident, definitely not widespread, so we can't really blame GoPro for this after 2 years of usage. If, for example, someone had a cracked screen after 2 years, again it comes down to how the unit was used - it doesn't automatically place GoPro at fault.

GoPro are completely within their rights to refuse to have anything to do with the camera at this point since the manufacturer warranty has lapsed, especially considering this is a usage issue rather then a GoPro camera issue. We all know GoPro support has taken a huge tumble downhill over recent years, nowhere near how accommodating they used to be, but surely you cant expect GoPro to simply replace your camera for free after 2 years?

Not sure why you feel the rust is a manufacturing defect? GoPro recommend washing under tap water after exposure to salt water etc, so if the proper guidelines were not followed then they cant be held responsible.

Finally, referring to your quote below, wishing the same issue on someone else doesn't really come across very positively with regards to your character.

I hope you'll have the same problem one day.
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