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don't buy gopro

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gopro hero 9 with 3 uses and with a defect not covered by the warranty because 2 years and a few months have passed, with 3 uses only on vacation, without ever having fallen, with rust in places that can only be a manufacturing defect, thanks gopro , money in the trash
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Warranty is up to 1 or two years, its not GoPros fault if you fell out of warranty. But you are claiming rust, I suggest remove the lens protector and clean, that is hte issue of not knowing, if i am wrong let us know, think taking some time to learn the camera is needed
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we do not mind one talking their mind but we do mind using profanity on a forum for that we edited your topic.

Called subscription you did not buy in to it, I been with gopro, and know about every in and out, of the product to know what is best for me, I returned one camera 3 times within the warranty, because I paid attention to my purchase, after that I had not a single issue, and still have my Hero 7 better yet Hero 4. We wish you the best,
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if I am exposing the situation it will not be for fun, just look at the camera and see that I bought protection, just look at the order and see that I asked for a lot of things and protection, if I tell you that I used it 3 times it is real, I simply say new customers don't buy it, my problem wasn't falling or me breaking it, even as I said I read the Manual and yes I cleaned the camera, on site and after vacation, so it's in great condition, the problem was really the defect in manufacture, so I'm upset, I want to know about 2 years ago, one thing that should never have happened was a factory insulation problem. Thanks
You can buy it. Store away for 3 years, Open the box, and its broken, that will be GoPros Fault.

You are entitled to your Opinion, good or bad, expose it, we love to hear. gopro Made duds till the Hero 11,
Much worse if it arrives, brand new, original packaging, but it doesn't work.
That's why I like buying from Amazon, back it went full refund, no problem. Now since it is a Hero 8, it must have been around for a while, eh!?Probably a remainder sale for the dealer and a rude reminder for me . Check it twice if it's not sold by Amazon and shipped from Amazon.

Looking forward to get the replacement on Monday.
PS Why buy GoPro? Because Arkaso has yet to produce an Action Cam with GPS for telemetrics.
I hear ya.
I've had my GoPro 9 since it first came out and it looks frickin brand new, because I've taken very good care of it. This looks more like someone used their camera underwater and never cleaned it and just let it sit....for....2 years.
The instructions are quite clear that many don’t read , how to maintain after water use
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