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don't buy gopro

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gopro hero 9 with 3 uses and with a defect not covered by the warranty because 2 years and a few months have passed, with 3 uses only on vacation, without ever having fallen, with rust in places that can only be a manufacturing defect, thanks gopro , money in the trash
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You can buy it. Store away for 3 years, Open the box, and its broken, that will be GoPros Fault.

You are entitled to your Opinion, good or bad, expose it, we love to hear. gopro Made duds till the Hero 11,
Much worse if it arrives, brand new, original packaging, but it doesn't work.
That's why I like buying from Amazon, back it went full refund, no problem. Now since it is a Hero 8, it must have been around for a while, eh!?Probably a remainder sale for the dealer and a rude reminder for me . Check it twice if it's not sold by Amazon and shipped from Amazon.

Looking forward to get the replacement on Monday.
PS Why buy GoPro? Because Akaso has yet to produce an Action Cam with GPS for telemetrics.
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The instructions are quite clear that many don’t read , how to maintain after water use
True, but remember RTFM applies again and again. OTOH some of the manuals are far from complete and the writing has lots of room for improvement. Chinglish has its problems.
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