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Just Ask, to post your video up, than slam spam on members topics if it isthat important to gain our attention. of Ten posts on start up.

Welcome. Please tell us why you joined and which section pertains to your interest, and what you like to see. feedback is important to all.
When you Join the Members. Please feel free to visit and have a look around. We ask of you to pick your membership with us.

Guests are always welcomed to look around, and feel free to join, even if you are a long time Lurker.

Members are always welcomed to share, post, comment with all other members, share their set up, skills and other interests here at the forums. Also Please take some time to fill out your profile, location etc. when joining

Sponsors are more than welcomed to Join but are asked and required to visit the About section before signing up. Or visit the Contact us.

Venders are as well more than welcomed and are Required to go through the main forums sign up, at the contact us or about section

Any Promotons, Kickstarter, or pledges found at the forum in posts, signature's or links will be subject of removal. We here at welcome all, and are looking forward to the newer generations of Gopro camera's. there is always a place and time for all posts. Any video links not embedded correctly are as well subject for removal Rules apply at joining and will be updated as needed

Your team Member FISH

If you have ANY question before you join, you can contact us

Please fill your profile out, where your username appears you can add in your details there, be nice to know more about our members and all thanks All

Special thanks to. Urfantasyguyshot with a gopro hero 4 Black
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