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First off, I'm loving the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, used it on a variety of mounts the Fetch, the 3-Way, the Sportsman, GorillaPod and the Chesty - and it performs great on all of them...


There is a creaking/tapping sound here it is on a
. It seems hardly noticeable when using the
. It is very noticeable using the

Unfortunately I've not yet uploaded a video of it on the 3-Way where it is also noticeable.

In all cases it's using the same waterproof housing - with the only exception being the sportsman mount which uses a different "back".

I'm going to try some "shake" tests with no mount and see what it's like.

In all cases the videos were recorded using the "out of the box" default 1080p 30fps mode.

Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think this has been the most common question, around. there was a tab a rubber tab, that fits where the clip goes, are you using that type of clip? I do not use the WP case, or have that noise, as I as well do not use the clip?

I also see if the buttons may be the issue on older gph cams , no longer the gph3+?
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