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I'm a newbie here on this forum, as well as a newbie with the H3 Black. I have a couple of questions on video editing software.

To start with, I normally shoot in 1080 wide with Protune turned on. I use Windows 8, with plenty of CPU, RAM, disk space, etc). Here is what I have done for workflow in the short amount of time as a GoPro owner:

  • Copy videos from camera to computer via USB (drag and drop the MP4 files via Windows)
  • Launch Cineform and import the videos
  • Ensure that the frame size is 1080p, 16:9, 48 fps, AVI, High quality
  • Add to conversion list and convert
  • Proceed to Step 2 (Edit within Cineform)
  • Ensure that playback is "Best" and I usually only choose the "Protune" preset.

    This is where it's gets confusing to me. :? I want to now edit the video in another program (Movie Maker). I assume that the edits made thus far are embedded in the AVI file in a non-destructive way. In Photoshop, my images have a separate companion metadata file that is created to store these edits. I don't see this with Cineform's AVI files. So, I trust Cineform will preserve my edits and I continue on...
  • Open the AVI files in Movie Maker, and add captions, transitions, etc.
  • From Movie Maker, I save the movie "For high definition display".
  • Upload to YouTube or whatever. Done.

My questions are:

  1. It's difficult to tell (I don't have a trained eye for things like this), but did Movie Maker pick-up the edits from Cineform? After applying the Protune edits in Cineform, I never explicitly saved anything while in Cineform.
  2. Can I skip the Cineform process altogether and open the original camera MP4 files with Movie Maker and work from there? (or with other recommended software)
  3. What other (relatively inexpensive) video editing software is recommended to replace Movie Maker and possibly Cineform? Or do I need to keep Cineform to process the Protune information?

Thank you in advance for any tips and insights!
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