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Brand new as of May 12 Z Gear has created a new GoPro over the shoulder mount with hydration in 1

Z Gear now has a hydration/GoPro camera vest. The vest holds a 2 liter hydration bladder with a patented fill cap. The fill cap has a quick disconnect that holds the flexible camera post. The quick disconnect allows you to easily switch the post position to be worn over either shoulder. The hydration bladder can be used with or with-out water. The bladder and camera post can also be used in our backpack for all your land sports.

Here is the first video made with the new vest style. It was a must for me to have my 2 liters of water and the GoPro at the same time. I tagged along with an amazing 8yr old girl for an 11.8 mile open ocean paddle. Here's the 10 minute video I made from our 4 hour long trip.

For more info please visit our website

Thanks for watching!

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