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I have a GoPro 9, and there are a few mishaps from the part of the developers.

1. Produced 5K HEVC video files are invalid, and cause glitches with some decoders. It has been investigated here:
"The video file is invalid in that the last two frames both contain the same poc (26)."

2. VUI metadata is wrong. It says that the video is PC-range while it is in fact FULL-range. This also causes issues with some decoders.

3. When transferring files, Date Created is set to the date of transfer instead of the date it was recorded. There is a special field containing the actual date of the video, but it's hard to view it, and it is set wrong because it doesn't calculate timezones.

4. Files are numbered in such a way that when videos split files after 9 minutes, there's no way to display segments of the same file together. GX010100.MP4 shows at the beginning and GX020100.MP4 is at the end of the lists, and all the files are super mixed up.

5. Photo post-processing is really, really bad. To take decent pictures, you need to set sharpening to LOW, then if I use Photoshop to add sharpening and contrast, then I get similar or better quality than my cellphone.

I created a VapourSynth script to process and re-encode GoPro videos while removing the noise, particularly in dark zones, while preserving details. I'm however struggling with glitchy files and occasional skipped frames.

I just re-encoded GoPro HEVC file using FFMPEG and it gives a list of errors:
ffmpeg.exe -i GX020100.MP4 -vcodec utvideo -acodec copy GX020100.MKV
  • Using non-standard frame rate 29/1
  • deprecated pixel format used, make sure you did set range correctly
  • Duplicate POC in a sequence
  • Error parsing NAL unit #0
  • Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input
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