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I have bought GoPro Hero 4 Black.
When I installed gopro app from Google Play on my Rugged Android Smartphone Runbo Q5 ( Android 4.2.1, Display 4.5", 1280x720) to remote control my Hero 4 black - I found "black preview" (attached the screenshots)
It was not worked in all resolutions and modes, etc.. I tried all cases and tricks from official support page and other web-sites. Nothing helped.
Then I have checked the same on Samsung smartphone Star Advance, model SM-G350E (display 480x800) - it worked. Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - model GT-P7500 (display 1280x800) - it worked.
Why it is working on samsung android smartphones and tablets, but it is not working on Runbo Q5.
Please help me with this bug :smile:


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