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Best settings for video editing/ exporting a film - GP 11?

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I am currently making my own 5K preset for when exporting a MPEG-4 video (am using Magix videodelux 2023). Wondering if the settings are correct and or if what to change. Mainly wondering about average bitrate and max. bitrate. So please, those of you who have experience with this could you give me some pointers in regard to these settings. Also, wondering if setting the max. bitrate higer will improve quality and if setting it higher what to set it on.

Have set it to the following settings for MPEG-4 when exporting a project into a film:
resolution - 5120x2880
average bitrate - 10.000
max. bitrate - 10.000
CPB (whatever that stands for and means) - 3500
max GOP length (whatever that stands for and means) - 25
GOP structure - IBBP
Coding quality - balanced
samplerate (hertz) - 48000
bitrate (kbits) sound - 160

Thanks a gazillion!
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Well the most important aspect is the bitrate, I export in 4K with a bitrate of 64.000 and getting good results, the other aspects are not so important - your bitrate is much to low.
Also using Magix (Pro) and if you choose export presetting from the list you will get the right bitrate, no need to specify anything.

Ciao Rob
Rob, thanks for the suggestion. However, pro works quite different from delux. I do not have an export presetting. Hence the reason I am trying to create my own 5k one.
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