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Hi, I'm needing a little advice.
I've never owned a GoPro but looking to buy one ASAP.
I just drove from Philadelphia, PA to Calgary, AB Canada and I wanted to do a time lapse of the drive.
I have done a time lapse before years ago when I drove from Calgary to Vegas using a video camera but it was bulky and sometimes awkward to get set into position on the dash.
I know there are a few cameras and out there but doing a 36 hour drive, I was wondering what would be the easiest one to use and sure enough GoPro popped up in my search..
I tried to do a time lapse on an old iPhone 5 I have using the Instagram hyper lapse app but memory was full in 45 minutes into the drive.
So aside maybe a 128 or 256 micro SD card and the GoPro being charge a few times, which one would be the best option?
Thank you in advance :)
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