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Name Stuart, go by Pirate. I've owned a Hero 3, 4, 6 and now 7 cameras. My use is 99 percent mounted on a cab down tube of my Polaris General Side-by-Side.

For years now I've been purchasing accessories, or trying my own...working to find a way to keep my GoPro Camera plugged into power all day while we're out exploring.
I'm also working to find a way to keep my GoPro Smart Remote plugged in to power all the day.

To date, with the Hero 7 Black. When the Camera battery reaches full charge the Camera freezes. I have to pull the battery out, push it back in, restart the Camera and I'm set to go.

To date, with the Smart Remote when the battery reaches full charge it simply loses connection to the Camera. Leaving it on, when the battery charge drops some, the Smart Remote reconnects to the Camera and I'm back in business.

I read a response on another forum that there were GoPro Cameras that now had the circuitry that would allow the Camera to be plugged in to power and used. Hopefully with out the battery trying to overcharge and freezing up.

Can anyone provide some info on which Cameras and some info on how they work? I sure can't find anything.

Thanks in advance,
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