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Hello everyone,

The Hero3 Black (an many others) support time lapse photography at 2 fps as the fastest (the 0.5sec time lapse setting) with the stuck firmware.

Any tricks to get 5-10 fps time lapse photos _without_ down sampling video, i.e. have the camera take 5-10 still frames per second continuously (until full or stopped)?

I have something I want to time lapse and 5-10 fps would be enough, so I would like to avoid 50fps 720p or 24fps 1080p video since it takes up much more space and is expensive (time and space) to process.

As far as I can see the autoexec.ash hacks (Rremoved links rad the rules does not address this, it deals more with long exposure and longer time lapse (one image per hour rather than 5 per second). The sleep function which is utilized to space events in the autoexec.ash scripts does not seem to support sleeping for less than one second, so I can't just take a still frame, sleep for 0.1s, and then take another.

Any input would be most welcome!
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