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Hi folks,

Currently I still have a gopro hero+ LCD but looking to upgrade to a hero 7 black.
1080p in 60fps editing on my pc worked fine but I wonder if my pc can handle 4k editing.

My 1080p setup:

windows 10, 64 bit.
motherbord: Asrock h81m-hds
Memmory: 8gb ddr3
Processor: intel core i5 4460
Graphics card: amd radeon hd 6770
ssd drive 256gb.

Improvements that I just bought are another 500gb ssd drive for the footage.
and a new graphics card: MSI GTX 1050 GAMING X 2G.

Will this be enough for editing in 4k? Note that I dont use my pc for gaming, I only edit a holiday or mountainbike trip like once or twice a year.
(No fancy special effects just cut and paste stuff like that.)

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Ask some one for a 4K file and try b4 you buy. I say?
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