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3D Printing!

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So I picked up a new 3D Printer - this time went for something a bit more 'Pro' then the previous ones I've had. Also decided to pick up a kit version as it was cheaper by a fair bit, as well as getting to know it inside out by building it myself....

Brown Shipping box Packing materials Wood Rectangle

Laying out my work area......

Green Couch Rectangle Toy Wood

.....and started with the main frame.....

Rectangle Wood Flooring Gas Font

Added the Y-Axis stepper motor......

Product Rectangle Wood Flooring Floor

Then added the bottom frame that holds the heat bed....

Furniture Black Rectangle Gas Auto part

Next, time to build up the X and Z axis frames.....

Musical instrument Guitar Gas Engineering Machine

And then the intricate part of constructing the actual extruder....

Circuit component Reflex camera Hardware programmer Cutting mat Watch

before mounting it onto the X axis.....lots of cables to tidy up!....

Electronic instrument Engineering Electronic engineering Electrical wiring Computer hardware

All tidied up and heatbed and screen installed!

Circuit component Electronic instrument Engineering Audio equipment Passive circuit component


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nice one.
I have anycubic i3 mega and it has been really useful plenty of times. I love finding custom usecases around the house. But lately it keeps failing prints so i should get familiar with the internals to be able to find the root cause.
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