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  1. Cant Render in 4K on Hero 8

    Video Editing Software
    Hello, I have recently had the issue of high lag during playback on my projects when I record in anything above 1080p. I get about 3 fps while editing and it gets very tedious. I use VEGAS PRO 17 This is my PC specifications. Graphics - GeForce GTX 960 CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @...
  2. GoPro YouTuber

    Introductions & New Members
    Hello, everyone, my name is Sammy also known as Go Sammy-Jo on Youtube. I have used my GoPro for years now but have just upgraded to the Hero 7 Black. I am also a youtuber and am starting a GoPro series with tutorials and am looking for ideas for videos if you have any video ideas you think may...
  3. Youtube or Twitch Live streaming

    GoPro General Discussions
    So I've been searching online for the past few days to try and find a way to live stream to either youtube or twitch using a gopro, and no luck. The setup: Android or IOS phone Mounted gopro Gopro App The idea I have is to connect the gopro to my phone via wifi(which is the standard with the...
  4. Hello from Sweden!

    Introductions & New Members
    Hey guys! Gopro user from Sweden here! New to this forum but have been using gopros for maybe 2 years now. I have only been recording for fun untill a few weeks back when i also bought a drone and decided to try some editing. You can see my work at youtube: Mpunktkarlsson Peace! :smile:
  5. Why do I sometime get really bad quality on youtube?

    GoPro Hero, Hero 5, Hero 6, Fusion
    Why do I sometime get really bad quality and sometimes not when I upload videos to youtube? I am always using the same export settings. Here is a bad example: Note how in 15 seconds you will see huge pixelation of the whole video. And here is a bad example, same exact export settings as the...
  6. Youtube problem with FULL HD GoPro + LCD

    GoPro Hero & Hero+
    Hello I bought a GoPro + LCD . Today i make some movie clip and try to add it to YouTube . I add clip to GoPro studio . In View & Trim i convert clip to avi 1920x1080 60 frames/sec Quality High . In step 2 ( Edit ) i add some song and then click Export . In export window i chose HD 1080p ...
  7. Sony Vegas Pro 13 GoPro Settings?

    Video Editing Software
    Do you guys know what the best GoPro settings are on Sony Vegas Pro 13? I have a GoPro HERO4 Silver, I just uploaded my first video on my channel using some, I believe good, settings on Sony Vegas.
  8. New member, already addicted to creating content.

    Introductions & New Members
    Hey there! Recently purchased my first GoPro to take on vacation. My local Walmart had the Hero on sale for $65.00 figured it was worth it to just mess around with. ANYWAY, I'll be uploading the footage (all shot with the aforementioned GoPro) on YouTube. Unfortunately, I can't post links yet...
  9. The most beautiful river in the world

    A short edit I filmed in one day with my friends. Turned out quite good I think. What do you think guys, what should I improve?
  10. Hello from Slovenia

    Introductions & New Members
    Hi guys, my name is Aljaž and I'm from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm currently studying at a local university. I like to make GoPro videos(duh, that's why I'm here). I have a small youtube channel with a little over 1000 subscribers now and I want to make some new friends, so yeah, that's it. Hi!
  11. Seconds In 4K

    This Video was shot in [email protected], all settings as is. no protune.orspot meter on. In the editor all 168videos splt to 1.0 -1.5 secs and speed to 23.96 fps, transtions cross fades. No color correction or any effects added. Magix 2016 rendered to 4K, WMVHD format, to youtube. Time to render...
  12. Problem: from gopro studio to YouTube

    Video Editing Software
    Hi there! I have been trying to upload a 2 minute video (mostly underwater shots) to YouTube. Unfortunately, each time I watch the clip in YouTube it is all grainy/unclear. In Gopro studio I have tried using the various exporting options and Handbrake too but haven't been successful. Any help...
  13. YouTube Upload Butchering Video?

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hey all new to this site and GoPro. Just bought mine. Went out bike riding, tried to upload a video to YouTube to share with some people, and the video quality after it gets uploaded to YT is absolutely terrible and I don't understand why. Hoping y'all can help me out. I see GP videos all over...
  14. Upload HD Video to Youtube. Please Help!!!

    Video Editing Software
    I recorded a decent amount of videos recently, uploaded them to GoPro Studio, used the new edit feature to build a movie, and exported several times into different formats, and then uploaded to YouTube. After I export the video and save it onto my computer, its crystal clear and perfect HD...