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    Hey GoPro forums! Just wanted to share my sklog featuring some recent ski footage. Thanks for watching!
  2. General video , photos and Other
    Hey guys, been a long time I haven't posted any GoPro edits, so here is my latest GoPro Edit! Skiing in Isola 2000 and Ice Karting in Monaco nothing better for a winter edit ;) Edited with Final Cut Pro X Music: DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)
  3. General video , photos and Other
    Playing in the snow: I recorded another handful of videos from the last snow storm we had (january), in which my friends and I rode on Sunrise Highway and all around Long Island until 4 in the morning. We also encountered the fuzz! I'll upload that as soon as I have time to edit the vids.
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    My"]My friends and me went to West Coast for the first time. We shredded two mountain Silverton and Telluride. It is kind a fast forward of Silverton. Video from Telluride is coming soon.
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    As a new user on goproforums I would like to start my adventure here in this topic. Loon Mountain 2012-2013: and my first AD with me in it. Enjoy! Don't let your memories fade away: PS. Sorry I could't find the option to upload my...