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  1. GoPro 8 Black - Can't usb copy files from camera to PC

    GoPro Service Corner
    I can't copy files from camera to my PC using usb. The camera is shown in Win10 devices, but ther's nothing in Win10 Explorer to copy from. Quik can't find files to download either. Other posts suggest this might be a problem with the camera and Asus Prime Z390-A motherboard. I've tried all the...
  2. CHDHS-501 GoPro5 Session - External Microphone/Audio?

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    I've seen threads regarding GoPro4 Session and a USB microphone. I'm brand-new, having just received my CHDHS-501 GoPro5 Session. I'm highly hopeful that an external (and maybe even a wireless/Blue Tooth) microphone can be used without degradation/latency issues. If such is possible, my...
  3. GoPro Importer on OS X doesn't recognize Hero4 Black on USB

    GoPro Service Corner
    I'm seeing problems trying to use the GoPro Importer with my Hero 4 Silver on an Macbook Pro running OS X. In particular, the first time I plug the camera into the USB port the Importer will launch and will download the media from the camera, but when I do the same thing again later it won't...
  4. USB Cable

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    I have a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. My my parents stopped by place this weekend. My mother asked if she could take a Micro-USB cable, I told her she could, but some how she ended up grabbing my USB cable for my GoPro. I have a combat training jump tomorrow and I'd like the cable to charge the...
  5. Hero 3 Black - cannot read via USB, but can via App

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hi All, I just spent my vacation on Corsica in France and for this occasion I bought a GoPro Hero3 Black edition. I am using a Samsung 64 GB micro-sd card in it (64 GB micro SD PRO Card Class 10 UHS-I (70MB/s), see also...
  6. hero 3 black wont play on tv

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    im using a san disk 64gb class 10 microsd its recording fine and can watch on my computer but when I connect to my tv through the usb port it wont evan display on the tv. I think its cause its in format exFat rather than Fat32 iv tried my mates 16gb micro sd card and it works fine. Has any one...
  7. GoPro Wall Charger

    My Vertical Life
    GoPro Floaty available at My Vertical Life INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE LOWER 48 Charge up to two GoPro cameras, 2X as fast, in any wall socket in the world. • Charge GoPro batteries twice as fast as standard USB cable via computer • Dual USB port quickly charges up to two...