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  1. Gopro 7 vs 8 for underwater

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new gopro to replace my 3+ black. I am a freediving and spearfishing instructor, hence will do 90% of my footage underwater. As I’m still quite unexperienced in editing, I was wondering if the 8 was not kind of “overkill” and rather go with the 7 black. What...
  2. Gopro Hero 4 Silver

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    hi everyone i'm quite new to the gopro game and hoping for some help :) im going on holiday to mexico in december and want to take my gopro i will mainly be using it in and around the pool, just curious as to what is the picture quality like under water? would i need to purchase a filter...
  3. Underwater 100ft. down fishing

    I recently rigged up my Go Pro silver to an underwater down rigger weight to film lake trout strikes at 80 to 100 ft. down in the Quabbin reservoir. The reservoir is an 86,000 acre freshwater drinking supplying water to 55 cities and towns in Eastern Mass. including Boston. CLICK THE IMAGE...
  4. Salam from Algeria :)

    Introductions & New Members
    Hello people, I'm Gharbi Adlen from Algeria (north africa) I'm a spearfisher, a nature lover and a web developer. I'm willing to share with you all of my adventures with my GoPro Hero 4 Silver in this beautifull country named Algeria :smile: PS. Salam is an arabic word that means Peace 0:)
  5. Gopro HERO - red filter?

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Evening all, I've been lurking for a while and decided tonight to take the plunge and register! I have a gopro HERO and I'd like to buy a red filter to make my underwater shots much better. I can find these filters for everything but the HERO. It's the kind that just snaps on over the front...
  6. Underwater GoPro in Dubai

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi Guys, Just uploaded my first GoPro video onto Youtube! Spent the day at the beach in Dubai and took my Hero 3+ Black Edition underwater for the first time, so was unsure how it would turn out! Feel free to let me know what you think and if there is anything I could do to improve. I will...
  7. FPV Quadcopter Underwater Crash!

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, CamSump and I went to revisit Burrator Reservoir on a beautiful sunny day. My Quadcopter gets two unintentional dunks into fresh water all captured by my GoPro Black in its water proof case. My Quadcopter is not water proofed at all so it was a big risk flying over water at any time...
  8. GoPro Pool Party Montage

    General video , photos and Other
    I just thought I'd share my video of a couple pool parties we had through out the summer at various family friend's BBQs last summer. I haven't done much GoProing this year. Been tied up :0( but I hope you like this vid.