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  1. GoPro Hero 11
    Hi I have 3 GoPro 11 that i want to live stream to twitch true PC wireless I want to use OBS or maybe Twitch Studio I havent got the connection between pc and goPro to work Could someone point me in the right direction on how to get this to work Thanks
  2. GoPro Hero 10
    I have the GoPro media mod and use it in conjunction with the RODE Wireless Go II mic system. The mics work just fine when recording a video (I have all the correct settings). However, when I livestream to Twitch, the stream only uses the house mic. Anyone have any resolutions?
  3. GoPro Hero 10
    Hey ho! I am using my GoPro 9 to stream to twitch, but it the uploadspeed / upstream is never faster than 5000 kbits. Even at home where i have 500/50 mbit (down / up) its the same. Ive tried 2.4ghz and 5hgz wlan. I am using an rtmp-server. GoPro-Software-Version 01.60.70 (on the newest...
  4. GoPro General Discussions
    So I've been searching online for the past few days to try and find a way to live stream to either youtube or twitch using a gopro, and no luck. The setup: Android or IOS phone Mounted gopro Gopro App The idea I have is to connect the gopro to my phone via wifi(which is the standard with the...
1-4 of 4 Results