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  1. GoPro Service Corner
    So I just got my new GoPro yesterday. I used it for the first time to test it out in my pool. Everything was functional working fine no issues. When I got out of the pool the camera had turned off. I tried to turn it back on. Wouldn’t turn on. My battery was fully charged. Went in the house and...
  2. GoPro Service Corner
    I have had my GPH4B for 6 months. Just recently it has started to play back all videos with a skip/jump every few seconds. I have tried all different resolution and frame rates. the higher the rate the worse it gets. I have reset all settings and changed the SD card. Any thoughts?
  3. GoPro Hero to Hero 5
    When I got my Hero 3 new I saw the battery and thought the tab was to rip off, and therefore exposing the sides partially. When I tried to charge it today it got really hot but now that I'm charging it on a different computer it's much cooler, no heat at all. I just want to know if the battery...
1-3 of 3 Results