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    Hi everyone,, Recenty I have been to Thailand with my lovely Hero 4 BE. Have some maerial to share. Bangkok trip within 2 minutes. Here you can see all the most popular attractions of Bangkok, that we recommend from our own experience to visit. Enjoy watching! <iframe width="560"...
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    Hello every body my name is Baptiste and I am 16 years old. I make vidéos on YouTube with my GoPro and my friends. Today I present my new vidéo on the summer 2015. On the vidéo there are fun, travels, jumps on the beach and in the pool, bike,... I wish you a good time for to look my video. Not...
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    My first video with Hero4, edited GoProStudio and I really wanted to share with you. I hope you like it. Greetings and certainly recommend this trip:wink:
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    A video about my last holidays in September 2014: one week in New York City! I traveled alone, but it is the best thing for a real trip. I flew with American Airlines and I stayed at The Bowery House, a beautiful hostel in SoHo. The New York Pass has allowed me to visit many attractions and saw...