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  1. Sunset timelapse, luckily my GoPro didn’t fall off the dock.

    General video , photos and Other
    GoPro blowing around in some light wind taking a timelapse. Good thing it didn’t fall in the water would have been super confusing after two hours walking down to the dock to nothing. From now on I’ll remember to weigh it down.
  2. How to remotely access a timelapse gopro

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hey Guys and Gals! At my company we picked up a new project where we have to make a 360º Timealpse of a building that's being constructed. The place is far away from our offices and we were thinking about setting up a remote system with a Gopro fusion where we could access the camera and the...
  3. Speeding Through town

    Time lapse
    If you like to see fast driving then this is for you. Check it out Jayk&grandz on youtube
  4. Haleakala: 6 Hours in 2 Minutes

    Time lapse
    Makes me appreciate the sun that much more. Without it, it's cold up there!
  5. Did a timelapse of me tidying up my room just to test out the feature... This happen

    GoPro Hero, Hero 5, Hero 6, Fusion
    So the title pretty much explains it, the timelapse was all goofed up. How could this happen? It seems to be the only timelapse or even file (out of the two i took) that is like this. Is something wrong with my camera? Can files become randomly corrupted when importing them to your PC? Video...
  6. 5fps or 10fps time lapse (Hero 3 Black)

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hello everyone, The Hero3 Black (an many others) support time lapse photography at 2 fps as the fastest (the 0.5sec time lapse setting) with the stuck firmware. Any tricks to get 5-10 fps time lapse photos _without_ down sampling video, i.e. have the camera take 5-10 still frames per second...
  7. Innovative solutions to geotagging time-lapsed photos

    Introductions & New Members
    Hi, I have 3 GoPro Hero 2's, and 2 GoPro Hero 4's. I am conducting landslide research in Nepal, and will be attaching the GoPro's to the side of a vehicle. The plan is to use the timelapse function to take photos every 10 seconds on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle, and maybe have one...
  8. Car Timelapse: Pacific Highway 101 (USA, California)

    Timelapse taken on the beautiful and famous Pacific Highway 101 in California back in 2014 during a roadtrip. This video was just sitting on my laptop for the pas year and I just found it a few days ago, so I though I might as well upload it. Enjoy!
  9. Timelapse/Hyperlapse - Dundalk Ireland

    Time lapse
    Check out my first ever timelapse/hyperlapse of my hometown Dundalk, Ireland. I wanted to promote Dundalk and shed a better than light on it than it has been previously accustomed. I posted it on Youtube 3 days ago and it has received great remarks and gone slightly viral reaching nearly 20k...
  10. Set of Time-lapse I.

    Time lapse
    Hello, this is my new set of time-lapse Thanks for watching and please subscribe :)
  11. Narrow TimeLapse

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do timelapse in "Narrow" mode. It's keeps defaulting to the fish-eye. Video in narrow mode is no problem. I want the time laps to look like the first picture (Standard Video setting), but when I go in to settings when the cam is in Timelapse...
  12. Driving Timelapse

    Time lapse
    I love driving time lapse. here is one post yours
  13. Love Night-Lapse

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    anyone who uses nightlapse or night photo feature say me :)
  14. Moon time-lapse

    Time lapse
  15. Deleted

    GoPro General Discussions
    Post is deleted, contact Adminstrator for permission
  16. GoPro Hero 4 Black 2/15 Firmware Update Issue

    GoPro Service Corner
    The Video Timelapse mode was my most anticipated feature of the new firmware. It works great except for one small inconvenience: The wifi connection and/or operation of the remote app on iOS 8.1.3 has gotten very flaky. It doesn't do this in standard Video Mode (haven't tested on stills or burst...
  17. GoPro: 24h TimeLapse // 4K

    Time lapse
    Hi! This is my first timelapse in 24h, there isn't a real panorama, but for the next time I will search an other one! Watch in 4K!
  18. hero4 battery time

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    is it possible i can make 1 week time lapse with hero4 at setting 4k resolution 1 frame per minute or above, what will be the battery time? how many clicks in single battery? and how many clicks with Battery BacPac?
  19. GoPro Australia Summer Holiday

    General video , photos and Other
    My brother and I are making videos during our holiday to Australia in both Sydney and Cairns :) Here are the first two videos from our time in Sydney! We are in the process of making our next two videos in Cairns (one of which is us scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef!) I would...
  20. Car Timelapse: From Monaco To Lugano

    General video , photos and Other
    Hey guys, just found some old footage of this car trip, so I did this time-lapse video of the car trip. Original footage lasted about 3h30 to 4h, and I accelerated it 20 times to get this time-lapse. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to sub! Edited with iMovie Music: Guitar Track...