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  1. Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Hello I'm looking for a timelapse solution, I'm building an arduino controller to exsecute the timelapse on the Gopro hero 4 black. does anyone try something like this? I found the 30 pin layout, but I 'm not sure if the trigger works only to make the contact to the ground. Charging and power...
  2. Time lapse
    If you like to see fast driving then this is for you. Check it out Jayk&grandz on youtube
  3. Time lapse
    Hello, this is my new time-lapse video Thanks for watching and please subscribe
  4. Time lapse
    I love driving time lapse. here is one post yours
  5. Time lapse
    Thanks for watchng! Please subscribe :wink:
  6. Time lapse
    Night Sky time-lapse vol.2
  7. Time lapse
    Hello, this is my first night time-lapse video
  8. GoPro Hero to Hero 5
    I've been working on a program the past few months that I recently finished it. I thought it'd be particularly useful to the GoPro shooters. Check it out here It's a new way to add panning motion to timelapse sequences. The program transforms your timelapses into...
1-8 of 9 Results