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  1. Bangkok-Trip on my Hero4 BE

    Hi everyone,, Recenty I have been to Thailand with my lovely Hero 4 BE. Have some maerial to share. Bangkok trip within 2 minutes. Here you can see all the most popular attractions of Bangkok, that we recommend from our own experience to visit. Enjoy watching! <iframe width="560"...
  2. Life of Leisure

    A few moments from this unreal trip! Two plane tickets, three weeks of time and no planning. We packed our stuff and went for it. Guys, tell me what you think? Any tips? AljaZ Cucek, Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to tell you that you cannot post videos until you have satisfied your posting...
  3. Island Hopping in Thailand (Tuubz Edit)

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi fellow GoPro users, This is my first GoProforums post, quite curious how things will work here... Sadly there is no separated showcase for 'Travel' only, but no big deal Well here is a link to my youtube video URL : watch?v=ocZic2QrTbY&list=UUel-h97P9Lbal2sF9QNcvCw (Sorry for no...