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  1. Watersports
    Hey guys, So basically, I got the official GoPro head mount for christmas, and I was trying to use it recently at a swimming pool with my 4 Silver (I'm a competitive swimmer) to see if I could get some cool shots. Unfortunately, I was aiming to get POV shots of me diving in and/or doing turns...
  2. Watersports
    I tried to incorporate as many transitions as possible into the video, while staying to the pace of the song. Please let me know what I could do to improve it in the future! site has rules
  3. GoPro Hero to Hero 5
    Hello there guys, I just bought my GoPro Hero3 White edition camera today :cool: and I am very excited to start filming! I bought the camera mainly for the upcoming holidays I'm having in Greece and in Malta. I really want to film everything like swimming underwater (only pools, and seas - not...
1-3 of 3 Results