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  1. NLand Surf Park Texas

    A super fun day at NLand Surf park surfing for the first time in 18 months. Sadly my SD card kept malfunctioning while out in the water so it missed most of the action, but we had a great time none the less! Just a little glimpse of some of the fun we had out there that day. Looking forward to...
  2. Surf mounts

    Anyone have any tips for getting different shots while surfing besides the typical nose mount or mouthpiece mount?
  3. Surf Trip Tenerife

  4. Home

    hey, I would like to share my new gopro clip with you, all the contend in the video is shooten with my gopro 4 during some kitesessions...I would be happy for feedback.... cheers ben
  5. GoPro 3 + Trigger Grip

    General video , photos and Other
    Dual Camera Dual trigger grip...shoot video and stills at the same time!! it is the " Game Changer " ( Pat . Pend ) [email protected]
  6. GoPro HERO3 Anti-Fog Inserts

    My Vertical Life
    Gopro HERO3 Anti-Fog inserts available at My Vertical Life INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE LOWER 48 Drop inserts into sides of camera housing to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments. To Reuse: Inserts will last for approximately 4 uses. To dry out and reuse, heat...
  7. GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition-Surf)

    My Vertical Life
    The GoPro HERO3 Black Edition available from My Vertical Life. NOTE: The only difference between a "HERO3 Black Edition" and a "HERO3 Black Edition - Surf" is the mounting solutions the camera comes with. Everything else is 100% the same. Click here to buy yours today. Key Benefits: •...
  8. Free surf vest with over the shoulder Go Pro mount for surfers who love to make video

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Z gear would like to give away 5 free surf vests (with over the shoulder GoPro mount) to those who are already making surf videos but would like to add this new perspective! Give us a brief description of why the vest would interest you, and what GoPro mount you are currently using while...