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  1. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    I bought a HERO 8 a few months ago that turned out to be defective. Support agreed to replace it, but due to stock levels and discontinuation I was told I would have to be shipped a HERO 9 instead (yay, upgrade!). Problem is, I do multi-day, endurance shoots so had already invested heavily in...
  2. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    Have a GoPro Hero 8, black in color. What I'm trying to figure out how to do is using my GoPro, Android phone as the internet using Mobile Hotspot I sometimes hey invited to be on a friend or two livestreams on YouTube. They send the link to join in the chat section of the YouTube channel...
  3. GoPro General Discussions
    Hello I am attempting to contact GoPro and find no way to do so. The website does not allow any means. Calling all the phone numbers available on the site and elsewhere results in a busy signal, a telephone message referring me to their website,. or referral to voice mail. I live in Guam and...
1-3 of 4 Results