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  1. GoPro Hero 6, hero 7
    The most recent GoPro Studio download I can find is for Windows 8, but I have Windows 10. Where can I find the right download? Incidentally, where in the search box on the forums homepage?
  2. Video Editing Software
    Looking to add a png or gif file to my videos without converting it to a jpeg. I need the transparency of a png/gif file for a business logo without a white block background. Will it not import those particular files then? thanks in advance
  3. GoPro Quik
    Hi folks! I really enjoy the Gopro cam and the cool features :smile:. I have a Gopro Hero 4 Black and a Macbook Pro and I have just begun my editing career :). I have been working on a project for one week now and I am almost done with my film. I just had some issues with disk space, so I...
  4. GoPro Quik
    Go pro studio crashes everytime I try to export. It doesnt matter the file type or file size ( 1GB or 1MB). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of go pro studio multiple times but am having no luck. Please help! I have attached details of my mac. Process...
  5. GoPro Quik
    Hey guys, Is there a way to import videos into studio that have already been cut into 5,15 or 30 second clips and deleted from the SD card but remain on the app media? thanks
  6. GoPro Quik
    hey guys this is my first real edit and its been going great until i hit a point where it just crashed. now i cant open the autosave file without it crashing on me. any ideas how i can continue on with the edit without starting again? windows 10. computer meets specifications. thanks from...
  7. GoPro Service Corner
    I took a time lapse session this morning and when importing to my Mac, the import is stuck on photo 12072 of 12087. I've unplugged and connected 3 times and it does the same thing. Mac OSX El Capitan (beta). p.s I had no issues uploading video files over the weekend.
  8. GoPro Quik
    have recently purchased a hero 4 silver edition. have a laptop which has a i5 intel core processor,intel iris graphics card, 2.6mhz hardrive and 8gb ram. will this be good enough to use the editing software or will i encounter issues?
  9. Video Editing Software
    I just bought a Hero4 silver yesterday. I've been fiddling and experimenting with the GP and the GP Studio software and it doesn't look like what's in the tutorial videos I see online. The main difference is the story board at the bottom center of the screen. It's just blank. No partitions for...
  10. GoPro Hero to Hero 5
    I can't figure out how to get my video files from a Gopro 3+ to the Gopro Studio. Every single file is "corrupted or in an unusable format" according to Gopro Studio. I'm certain this is like a kindergarten question to anyone with experience with Gopro, but I'm not there yet. Somebody tell...
1-10 of 10 Results