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  1. GoPro Stabilizer - QUARK

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    Hey guys! I just started working on a new and very exciting project. I am working together with Noir Matter on the launch of QUARK, our new Action Camera stabilizer. And to make QUARK become a reality, we are launching an Indiegogo campaign today with the goal of raising enough money to start...
  2. Carving in val thorens france

    Sorry, i try to learn how to post a video...:laugh:
  3. skiing in the highest ski resort in France

    filmed with gopro stabilizer, swivel helmet, and edited with adobe premiere and after effects
  4. does anyone know of GoPro case that lets you charge while in use.

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Does a handheld motorized gimbal exist that works with the Session? I'm trying to find a handheld motorized gimbal that either has a standard mount or a universal mount that can work with the Session. So far I am having no luck. The only one I found that might work is the Feiyu G4-QD since is...
  5. Best Steadicam

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Hello to you all...from rainy Cleethorpes in the UK! I'm coming to the guys that know because I'm not getting any joy from websites selling these. Could anyone recommend a Steadicam for with the GoPro Hero3+ (without LCD Bak) please? There seems to be that many around, but I can't seem to see...