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  1. Speeding up Videos Settings?

    Video Editing Software
    How's it going guys? New to this forum so here we go. I'm an avid hiker and I like to record my hikes. Since my hikes are so long, I like to record them, then speed them up making a sort of time lapse of the hike. Question is what video settings should I use for this? more or less FPS? Video...
  2. FPV Quadcopter Prince of Wales mine works adventure

    Hi All, Now that the evenings are starting to get lighter, me and a few friends had the first "after work" flight of the year. I have never been to these ruins of old Cornish mine buildings so decided to explore via FPV. I used some smaller and lighter Lipo batteries for more performance on...
  3. FPV Quadcopter Checking the Skills Crash

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, I got a chance to revisit Wortha Farm and fun some via FPV. It was a beautiful day but I was haunted by the ever present wind. I got plenty of turbulence coming off the banks of the stream while I was low down which just made it even more fun. There was no damage caused by the crash as...