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  1. GoPro Original, Hero 2, Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    I am looking for the old software because the newest one sucks. it also puts music even if you don't want any. also takes the fish-eye effect out.
  2. Video Editing Software
    Hi, I have a GoPro Hero4 and I do some videos when I go karting, ride a bike or travel with my car and I use the GoPro Studio to edit them, but I think this software is limited with functions. What software do you use to edit your videos? I have an indication of "VideoPad Video Editor" but I...
  3. GoPro Quik
    have recently purchased a hero 4 silver edition. have a laptop which has a i5 intel core processor,intel iris graphics card, 2.6mhz hardrive and 8gb ram. will this be good enough to use the editing software or will i encounter issues?
  4. Video Editing Software
    I just bought a Hero4 silver yesterday. I've been fiddling and experimenting with the GP and the GP Studio software and it doesn't look like what's in the tutorial videos I see online. The main difference is the story board at the bottom center of the screen. It's just blank. No partitions for...
  5. Video Editing Software
    I'm a newbie here on this forum, as well as a newbie with the H3 Black. I have a couple of questions on video editing software. To start with, I normally shoot in 1080 wide with Protune turned on. I use Windows 8, with plenty of CPU, RAM, disk space, etc). Here is what I have done for workflow...
  6. Video Editing Software
    I've been doing a lot of looking on the forums and have tried two pieces of software and am wondering if anyone has used either of these programs and has and feedback that would be helpful for me. I've narrowed it down to these two, so if you use something out, great, I don't want your...
  7. Video Editing Software
    Just got a Go Pro and a new Cannon camera. I need a good, or relativity good video editing program that is free, or cheap, or at least the best program in it's category. Even a free download of a program. Any ideas?