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    Skiing Deep Powder in Austria!! We had 5 days of amazing powder/freeride in Austria. We filmed all with the GoPro3+ Black Edition! Subscribe and give it a like so you don't miss the next episodes! Thanks and SHREDIT
  2. Destinations
    My"]My friends and me went to West Coast for the first time. We shredded two mountain Silverton and Telluride. It is kind a fast forward of Silverton. Video from Telluride is coming soon.
  3. GoPro Original, Hero 2 to Hero 4
    I just bought a GoPro and I'm taking in snowboarding in a few weeks, but I'm not really sure what the best setting would be best. I've heard if you film at 720p 60fps then you can make it slow motion by slowing the footage down to 30fps, but if I'm planning on using the camera normally, could I...
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    As a new user on goproforums I would like to start my adventure here in this topic. Loon Mountain 2012-2013: and my first AD with me in it. Enjoy! Don't let your memories fade away: PS. Sorry I could't find the option to upload my...
  5. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    Hope you guys like it! edit: sorry i don't know how to embed it!